Evil Fudd

by Evil Fudd

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released September 20, 2008

Evil Fudd is:
James Mills - Vocals / Guitar
Patrick White - Drums / Vocals
Steven Hibble - Bass / Vocals

Produced by James Mills and Evil Fudd
Recorded at Avalon Studio in Phoenix AZ and IllMusic Recording in Tucson AZ
Recording Engineers: Adam Teller at Avalon and James Mills at IllMusic
Mixed by James Mills at IllMusic Recording
Mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters
Cover Art by Ken Williams
Cover Photo by Celeste Brown
Photos by Elysa and Danielle Fragoso
CD Designed by James Mills

All songs written by James Mills and Evil Fudd except for “These Days”, written by William Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Special thanks to: Our families and friends for their love and support, Jon Kroc for finding us a drummer, James Mills Sr. and Celeste Mills for the countless things they do, Jim and Amy White for giving us a place to practice, Gabe and the Acosta family, Elysa and Danielle Fragoso for all they do, Leslie Comfort and Ariana Speranza for going to all of our shows, Celeste Brown for taking so many pictures, Kathy from Skrappy’s, The Evil Fudd Street Team, Japanesian Barbie, Noma, Michelle and Gorilla Productions, Katrina and Fernando Sepulveda for saving the day and giving us a place to crash, Austin Wright, Ryan Phillips of Icipher, KXCI, everyone who entered our cover art contest, all of the venue owners and bands in Tucson for keeping local music alive, Hilldale’s Finest, Thomas Gonsalez, Dave Locke, and YOU for buying this CD!

Most of all, thanks to our fans. Without you guys our shows wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Keep supporting and we’ll keep rocking! See you at our next show!

contact evil.fudd@gmail.com or visit www.myspace.com/evilfudd for booking, etc.



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Evil Fudd Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Another Way
Everyday, somebody wants to make an impression
On someone else
But now I know that they’re only out there
Trying to fulfill themselves
It’s all the same, nothing’s changed
And you’re going to follow every trend
And look at me
Say I’m over before I even begin

Looking to find another way
I lose my mind, I go insane
but I just don’t care
about anything
you say I’m scared, I say I’m free

Somebody is going to say
That everything you do is wrong
But that’s okay because no one
Ever wants to hear that song
I don’t want to be like them
And I know they don’t want to be like me
But that don’t mean
That we’ve got to become mortal enemies

Another way, another way
Track Name: Pirates Versus Ninjas
Yo-ho, yo-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me
Nothing’s better than a life on the sea
Yo-ho, yo-ho, this just isn’t my day
Some ninjas just came and they made me walk the plank

You’ve got swords, we’ve got guns, our captain, your shogun
I sure hope you’ve got your sea legs
You’re so sneaky, dont you get behind me
I saw your hands on my booty
Hey hey hey

Hidden from your vision, I’ve made my decision
Meet my favorite katana... time to say sayonara
You’re so ugly, why don’t you brush your teeth?
Don’t you touch me, I dont want scurvy
Hey hey hey
Track Name: Maggie's Song
When I feel like I’ve run out of luck, she comes
Tells me things that I want to know
Flames go higher and I’m burning out
I know I can’t keep this up for long

This hasn’t happened yet before
She said she wanted something more
I’m so confused I can’t decide what I’m going to do
I guess the rest is up to you

Maggie, your name is so goddamn cool
Pretty much the coolest name around
Mag-tastic, it’s so Mag-tacular
Maggie, did you know that it’s magical?
Track Name: Everybody
Two years ago,
My mind went two tone
And I had to let it out
So I hit the street every other beat
And I played it really loud
But you all ran away from me
And you said that I don’t belong
Today I found that your music sounds
Just like all of my songs

Everybody is in a ska band now!

I took a flight to the club last night
Trying to listen to my friends
But I can’t understand
When one of these bands begins
And another ends
But they all think that they’re so unique
And that ska has always been rad
I hear what you say, but that doesn’t change
That we were before this fad

And you can’t tell me that I’m like
No, you can’t tell me that I’m like
I hope that nobody thinks we’re like you
But they will anyway!
Track Name: Blind
Just your face, it makes me sick
Your fucking twisted politics
Loading up your bombs and rockets
Our money’s all lost in your pockets
Feeding us a diet of lies
While people starve and children die
I think it’s time for revolution
Taking back the constitution

I’m telling you that all these people
Are sick and tired of standing by
We’re fucking shutting down your evil
It’s time to blind the all-seeing eye
What will you do without Fox News
In your home, everyday on your television?

Corruption and authority mean the same to me
Robbing us of our liberties, and they’re making the green
Hey hey hey hey
Track Name: Skank Me Baby, One More Time
Skank, yeah we’re skankin’
Skank the night away
Hey hey hey hey

Every time I go to the show
I get in the pit, oh here we go
I lose my friends, I lose my mind
I’m running in circles all the time
In the pit

Take it slow, and take a rest
Take it slow, and find your friends
Take it slow, and find your shoe
Take it slow, here we go!x
Track Name: My Friend the Penguin
People give me a look when
I talk about my best friend
What’s wrong with being part of this?
She lives inside an igloo
She’ll be your buddy too
If you give her her favorite fish
She talks all day and all night
Of how she wishes for flight
I can’t understand a word she says
The Sex Pistols all weekend
She’s cooler than the chicken
The ostrich says that he’s jealous

My penguin friend, my penguin friend
My penguin friend, my penguin friend
Track Name: The Escape
Saturday, weekend’s just begun
I’m out of here by a quarter past one
On the town, making friends all day
Hanging out, it’s just the only way
For today
Tell me I’m wasting all my time
Take a look, I’m doing just fine
For today, it’s the only way

I can break away
I can get away, leave it all behind
I can get away sometimes

Saturday, weekend’s just begun
Tell me I’m not the only one
It’s been too long since that peace of mind
It never seems that we have enough time
For today, it’s the only way
Track Name: Corrupted State
You’re always right, I should have nothing to say
But then again, you’re not the boss of my brain
We’re running out, we won’t take it anymore
Your time’s run out, you’ve got us down on the floor

We won’t wait for it to be late
I want to see some change right now
Repair this, our corrupted state
Won’t let you burn it to the ground

It’s just one more, it’s just one more in your way
And you don’t care about anything that we say
We won’t stand down, and listen to all your lies
They’re all around, just have to open your eyes

We want it, we want it back...