Black & White

by Evil Fudd

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Evil Fudd's sophomore album: 4 years in the making.


released December 5, 2013

Evil Fudd is:
James Mills: Lead Vocals / Guitar / Organ / Drums on "Why Even Try"
Ryan Phillips: Bass / Vocals
Patrick White: Drums / Vocals
Leslie Comfort: Vocals on "In the Dark"
Thomas Gonzalez: Drums on "Jaqueline" and "Life Goes On"
Dean Holbrook: Trumpet
Saul Millan: Trombone
JT Rivers: Trombone
Seanald White: Saxophone

Produced by James Mills

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Mills at IllMusic Recording, Tucson AZ except drums for "123", "Breaking Out", "Chase", "EF You!", "In the Dark", and "Ska Punk Ska Punk" recorded at Luna Studio, Tucson AZ.

Recording engineers: George Nardo (Luna) and James Mills (IllMusic)
Cover art by James Mills
Cover photo by Esther Mitchell
Videography by Brad Wong

Music and lyrics written by James Mills; all rights reserved.
Lyrics for "In the Dark" written by Leslie Comfort.



all rights reserved


Evil Fudd Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: 123
She's got my running in circles again
Just for once chance to see her reflection
In a mirror hanging on a wall
On the other side of the room

One, two three, it's the only thing I need
To get myself out of here
I said four, five, six
Don't you tell me that I'm sick
Because I don't have any time to lay down
One, two three, it's the only thing I need
To get myself out of here
I said four, five, six
Don't you tell me that I'm sick
Because I don't have any time to lay down

She's got me wondering what she likes to do
On her free time and I can't figure this out
Why am I just standing here like a freak?
She can see me, what if we never speak?
Track Name: Jaqueline
Are you breathing now?
Your helplessness is killing me
Wish I could heal your pain
You're coming in and out
Too strong to get down on your knees
It's only in your brain

Jaqueline, you are only 17
Jaqueline, it's only a bad dream
Jaqueline, I wish that you were here right now
Jaqueline, Jaqueline…
Track Name: Whatserface
Hey you
Sitting at the edge of my world
I think you
Could be my girl
Is it wrong or is it right
To sing a song for you tonight
Is it you or or it me
Who's causing all this euphoria?


We could get away tonight
You and I could be so right
I don't know what's in your head
Or if you think of me at all
What's the difference
You've got this song and I've got all this indecision
Track Name: Life Goes On
I've got to say that I used to enjoy all the time I had
There's many reasons why I just can't escape from feeling sad
Maybe I'm not cool enough
Maybe I don't look quite right
Why don't you tell me if something's up?
I want to be a man tonight

I will never be what you want me to
And I will never say that after this I'm through
Because life goes on after you and I are gone
Track Name: Ska Punk, Ska Punk
I hear the word on the street
is that you might be here tonight
so I gotta get my head on straight,
gotta get my shoes on tight
so if you happen to look my way
you won’t knock me to the ground
oh, maybe we can see each other
with no one else around
time bomb, and you’re walking through that door
guess I just forgot how to think
you know you’re never going to notice me
so I’ll just take another drink
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah

we’re all living in a stupid dream tonight
we’re all living in a stupid dream
we’re all living in a stupid dream tonight

I’ve looked around for quite some time
but I don’t know just where I am
I’ve got a mind that’s empty of thoughts
an empty bottle in my hand
so many people that I don’t know,
they’re all trying to fool themselves
oh, baby in a room of strangers
I don’t see anybody else
time bomb, and the night just passes by
before we even had to blink
you know there’s gotta be a better way
still we just take another drink
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: Why Even Try
Why don't you give me a reason I should feel this way?
I'm stupid and waiting for all this shit to go away
but you don't know why I'm giving up, and neither do I
this time it feels like it's lost, so why even try?
Why even try?

Why can't I think of enough words to finish this song?
It just reminds me of all the things that I did wrong
looks like he's back now, he's better than ever before
I'm figuring out that life is a fucking whore
all I want is more

So why even try?
Track Name: Breaking Out
Here you are trying to keep me under your thumb,
not quite satisfied with what I’ve become
whatever made you think that you could control my mind?
I don’t want to be like you,
and do all the things that you want me to
I just want to be myself sometimes

I’m breaking out of here, I don’t wanna be a part of it
no more, no more yeah yeah

and you will never keep me down
Track Name: Chase
You remind me of the time when
I was left outside and rotten
I wish I could be the way I was
back then
I remember everything you said
last night when you were crying
I just want to know why we still
play pretend

I don’t know where I’m going
blurred by the images of you
right now I’m happy where I’m standing
but if I try then maybe I could get along with you

You remind me of the time when
I was left outside and rotten
I wish I could be the way I was
back then
I’m still waiting for the time to
come when you explain to me why
everything’s the same and yet it’s you
who’s changed
Track Name: EF You!
If there’s one thing that we need,
it’s for you to get out
of our lives today,
you’re always perfecting
methods to waste our time
I don’t have time to sit
and decipher your words,
and have them make sense
we’re so sick of listening
to your stupid lies
this time

No, you don’t understand what I mean
when I tell you to freakin’ leave
cuz all the things that you say
things that you do
we all know that they weren’t true
F you

Why can’t you seem to understand
the words flying out my mouth, bouncing off your head
if you could read in between the lines
then I think you’d find
nobody really wants to be your friend
why you always got to make a scene
over here and over there and all the space between
I heard you choked on a pretzel once,
you’re such a perfect dunce, you’ve only got an IQ of 19
I know it must be hard to stay, when we all want you to go away.
I’ve gotta say my least favorite thing s the chaos that you bring
Our nation could do without
you livin’ in our white house
how the hell did you wind up there? It doesn’t much sense
Track Name: Motorcycle
Let's go buy a motorcycle
And make some friends tonight
Let's shave our heads and smoke
And get in lots of fights
We're young and we're do damn cool
You know you envy us
We're doing 90 and you have to ride the bus

Got nowhere to go
We could be alone
Live our lives and search for something to believe in

Let's get some stupid tattoos
And think in black and white
Let's all snort too much coke and dance around all night
We're young and we're so damn cool
Tomorrow's coming fast
I'm going where you are
So let's just make it last
Track Name: In the Dark
Who am I in the dark?
Who am I to say there's not a spark
between us when no one's around?
Who are you when no one's there?
Soaking wet, run your fingers through your hair,
make the world go dim without a sound

A break from this thing that we call life
when I am all alone
does it hurt to be someone else entirely
when there's no one there at home?

Who are you sitting down?
Dirt-stained, your knees dark brown
you care more than you did last night with me
two negatives don't attract
better watch my back,
don't want to miss a show I would have paid to see

Trace the outline of your faded smile,
your face hasn't shone like it did
for quite a while
stop screaming, just hold my hand
I am trying to understand

We're not so different, you and I
does it hurt to ignore me
as much as it hurts me not to notice you?
You're a different person with the lights out,
how could I ever expect something new?